Relationship and Difference between Astrology and Tarot

Astrology and Tarot are two disciplines widely used in the West. Its usefulness has not been backed by science, but by practice. We use them to guide us in the short, medium or long term and as an aid to better understand human beings. It is no coincidence that many psychologists have adopted these techniques to better understand the problems of their patients.

Ancestral Origins of Astrology and Tarot

Apparently, the origins of astrology and tarot date back to the oldest civilizations on the planet. Astrology is believed to have originated in ancient Babylon while origin of Tarot refers to ancient Egypt. It is said to be derived from the Book of Toth, whose information comes from one of the labyrinths of the Sphinx.

Despite being born in Asia and Africa, according to the most common assumptions, Astrology and Tarot are echoed in the West. There are many types of astrology as Chinese, Indian, Celtic, etc. but only in the West, there is a strong link between astrology and Tarot while it has been accompanied by major esoteric schools.

There are mystery schools in charge of preserving the hidden knowledge of the religious extremists. They have been in the shadow gaining favor among the curious spirits and seekers of truth. These schools pay much attention to the symbols, analogies and archetypes as they understand, conserve and transmit the universal truths.

Similarities and Differences between Astrology and Tarot

Astrology and Tarot are two archetypal and symbolic models. Since they have the same goal which is to understand the humans and their context, many of their keys and meanings are similar. This has enabled the esoteric teachers to easily standardize both disciplines. In fact, they have never been separated as it is said that Tarot and Astrology are jointly act through divination operations and contain many magical uses.

Overall, astrology is better known in depth by the most practitioners and less popular among people. The tarot is more popular among people and less known in depth by its practitioners and it is due to the nature of each discipline.

The visual Tarot makes it more attractive to people while structured astrology makes it ideal for learning in depth. The subjective and intuitive Tarot hinders rational approach to which we are accustomed. The representation of the chart is not attractive and intuitive for newcomers.

Astrology is a system that works like a gear. The different elements of the system, known as signs, planets and houses, are interconnected, according to their predictable movements. Hence, the infinite combinations of each moment of life and the beings that inhabit will arise. By studying these elements and their relationships, one can understand many aspects of human life.

The Tarot is a system of elements that, while having an intrinsic order, manifest in ways that cannot be anticipated. Tarot spread is influenced by subtle energies of time, place, advisor and event.

A chart in astrology is always the same. A tarot spread for the same person will be different. Astrology shows a map with trends and major influences in our lives. The Tarot explores your subconscious energy, which attracts and reflexes.

These two tools are very useful when used together. The Tarot can help clarify issues of the chart that are not easy to pin down. The chart allows tarot reading to put into the overall context of the persons and their life potentials. For further information, you can read article by Abigail astrology including "The Evolution of Tarot" and more aspects of these two practices.